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Feeding Training 

On Track MN Feeding Coaches work directly with children who struggle with meal time skills.

Feeding Coaches will analysis the child's feeding deficits to determine the best course of treatment and then make a treatment plan that uses specific strategies to target each deficit area.

Signs and Symptoms that your child needs help with Feeding:

  • Refusal to eat certain foods or textures

  • Difficultly with chewing or swallowing

  • Gags when looks, touches, tastes or smells certain foods

  • Coughs after eating

  • Gags or chokes during eating

  • Vomits during or after eating 

  • Unable to move mouth in an effective manner when eating

  • Exhibits problem behaviors during meals or when transitioning to a meal time

  • Shows preferences for certain foods and refuses to eat if those foods are not available

  • Is unwilling to try new foods

  • Gets upset when new foods are presented or placed on their plate

  • Is known to be a "picky eater"

  • Limited amounts or types of foods that they consume 

  • Meal times are more than 30 minutes for infant and more than 30-40 minutes for toddler

Feeding Training may be needed if....

  • You want to increase the variety of foods your child consumes

  • Reduce meal time stress

  • Improve your child's oral motor skills

What will my Feeding Coach work on during Feeding Training?

  • Oral Motor Skills

  • Sensory 

  • Reducing Problem Behavior associated with meal times

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