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Parent Training

What is Parent Training?

Parent Training is a systematic approach to teaching parents the best ways to handle their child's challenging or problematic behaviors.  Parent Training also gives parents the tools they need to help their children learn new skills and continue to grow their current skills.  

Parent Training with On Track MN

On Track MN offers a 12 week parent training program.  This training program helps parents improve their parenting skills and communication with their children.  Once parents have completed our parent training program they will have the tools the need to help their child learn new skills and the knowledge to decrease problematic behaviors that may arise.

By teaching parents how to change THEIR behavior,

they will be able to effectively change their CHILD'S behavior.

What types of challenging behaviors do children engage in that parents want to change?

  • Refusal to complete tasks or refusal to follow instructions from parents

  • Difficult time accepting being told "no" to items or activities

  • Difficult time waiting 

  • Challenges with following routines: brushing teeth, bed time, meal time

Family at a Beach

What types of new skills (behaviors) do parents want to teach?

  • Following directions 

  • Communicating wants and needs

  • Following routines: brushing teeth, bed time, meal time

What will parents learn during Parent Training?

  • Behavioral Principles

  • Prevention Strategies

  • How to Develop an Effective Daily Schedule

  • Concepts of Reinforcement

  • Planned Ignoring

  • Compliance Training

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Teaching skills Using a Systematic Way

  • Prompting Strategies

  • How to ensure Generalization of Skills 

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